RED EPIC in Louisiana

With the ARRI Alexa, Sony F35, HDSLR and good old trusty RED ONE, a new camera is slowly raising.

After the release of RED ONE, peolpe asked “What’s next?”. For a long time it looked like the Scarlet was gonna be the next in line for RED and some videos has show two side-by-side scarlet for 3D but never got really official. The other camera that was on the production slate is the RED EPIC which is known as the 5K camera. A few month ago I came across a video of a EPIC and I must say it’s pretty exiting.

It’s Digital FX in Louisiana that now owns a EPIC Camera and proudly shows it.

Digital FX was one of the first companies in the US to own and operate a RED 4K Camera. But we don’t just own one camera, we own one of the most extensive collections of RED gear available in the world. With our RED inventory and RED expertise, We are a world-wide industry leader in RED technology./