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Concor CrossFit 14.1

Our journey continues and it take us to and old friend from Kalmar Camilla Foghagen who open up Concor CrossFit 2 years ago but recently open the gym at a new location inside an old theatre. Once inside the doors you can smell the paint of the wall and all the equipment is brand new. They are really investing into your experience and you should feel quality when you enter the doors. I like it!
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Life Cycle

Since we’re talking about time, there is a film that is amazing in its whole and really conclude what great cinematography is. The film is “Life Cycle”. The elements that I think make this clip really stunning is first the composition of every shot, which is done to perfection. Second is the play of color. The film plays out through all four seasons which gives the cinematographer the opportunity to use every season and its color to his favor and incorporate the color it gives into the location that is chosen. Thirdly, I must say that the filmmakers took the extra time to create a narrative to the beautiful cinematography. Way too many times there is no narrative in sports films and it is a challenge to create one. This film really did it in a great fashion and I enjoy the poetry, philosophy, together with great harmonic music that suits the clips very well. Buy the blu-ray! You won’t regret it.

And since we love technical stuff here at Illusion Photo, here’s the behind the scenes…



Photography in another dimention

Photography and Cinematography is very close to one another, yet so far from each other. So how can you merge the two techniques? Film as we know it consists of 24 frames per second but what happens if you play around with the concept? If you take more frames it becomes slow-motion and to take away frames creates time-lapse. There are some amazing videos out there playing around with time and the concept of motion capture with both stills photography and moving pictures.

The first clip is from a stunning time-lapse video made by Dustin Farrell with his 5D Mark II and a Stage Zero Dolly. The whole clip is very well composed with great choice of music. What I particularly like about the video is the composition in frame and how he created a great photograph and turned it into a great video clip. A great example of how photography is the key to cinematography.



There is a whole genre that constantly play with speed and frame rates, both for TV, film and lately IMAX. Budgets are getting bigger and concepts are growing way out of proportion. It’s the sport films. Especially the extreme sports like Snowboard, Surf, Skate and Mountain bike. A clip that just blew my mind is “The art of Flight” which obviously has an extreme budget since they are shooting all over the world and can go any place they like. But the result is just one of a kind.

RED EPIC in Louisiana

With the ARRI Alexa, Sony F35, HDSLR and good old trusty RED ONE, a new camera is slowly raising.

After the release of RED ONE, peolpe asked “What’s next?”. For a long time it looked like the Scarlet was gonna be the next in line for RED and some videos has show two side-by-side scarlet for 3D but never got really official. The other camera that was on the production slate is the RED EPIC which is known as the 5K camera. A few month ago I came across a video of a EPIC and I must say it’s pretty exiting.

It’s Digital FX in Louisiana that now owns a EPIC Camera and proudly shows it.

Digital FX was one of the first companies in the US to own and operate a RED 4K Camera. But we don’t just own one camera, we own one of the most extensive collections of RED gear available in the world. With our RED inventory and RED expertise, We are a world-wide industry leader in RED technology./



ARRI Alexa, so easy to use

Sensible Digital Cinema: The Arri Alexa from Inspiration Studios on Vimeo.

ARRI is breaking in to the digital market quite hard these days. First up was the D20, then the D21 which is a fantastic camera. Now ARRI is breaking new ground with the Alexa camera. If you ever wondered how hard it is to operate one, Inspiration Studios in Tasmania put together a video to show how easy it is.


Sensible Digital Cinema: The Arri Alexa from Inspiration Studios on Vimeo.