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Concor CrossFit 14.1

Our journey continues and it take us to and old friend from Kalmar Camilla Foghagen who open up Concor CrossFit 2 years ago but recently open the gym at a new location inside an old theatre. Once inside the doors …

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CrossFit Nordic 14.1

So we paid a visit to CrossFit Nordic when CrossFit Open 2014 is on. What a day! What a crowed! Here’s the results of a great start at a great box.


[iframe width=”100%” height=”900″ src=”http://illusionphoto.se/crossfit/cf-nordic-141/”]…

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Life Cycle

Since we’re talking about time, there is a film that is amazing in its whole and really conclude what great cinematography is. The film is “Life Cycle”. The elements that I think make this clip really stunning is first the …

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Photoshoot at 2D photography

Some people can walk through hell and back to get the picture they want and some deos not walk at all, yet getting that shot. This clip illustrates the hard work behind a mastershot pretty well and is created by…

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RED EPIC in Louisiana

With the ARRI Alexa, Sony F35, HDSLR and good old trusty RED ONE, a new camera is slowly raising.

After the release of RED ONE, peolpe asked “What’s next?”. For a long time it looked like the Scarlet was gonna …

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World Premiere for a Commercial

Illusion Photo was at the premiere for the commercial we shot in early January. In total there’s 3 commercials shot back to back and first one is due 8th of February. It will be screend at TV4 during primetime.


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