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How to make Medicin

Today we are proud to say that the recording of the corporate film “How to make Medicine” has officially started. The opening exteria shots was done today, since the leafs are falling from the trees and the weather is simply bad.

This is the first time we use DJI Ronin in an advanced shooting, with remote focus and a video transmission to view the material LIVE. We also did a flight with the Phantom 2 and the whole scene took place on the roof of AstraZeneca.

The aim with this film is to show external visitors how medicin is getting made and how complex it is to make it. It will give you an understanding of whats going on inside the most advanced pharmaceutical factory in the world. Which is located in Södertälje.

The shoot will countiue for 12 shooting days spread out till December and the ambition of the quality of this film is as high as the man on this roof.

Illusion Photo makes corporate film for Portsystem

Principal photography has commenced today for two films for Portsystem based in Jönköping Sweden. The films are interview based and take place in Grönsakshallen Sorunda, Stockholm were Portsystem has many types of industrial door solutions and loading systems to improv the heavy logistic work that takes place in the facility. The first film is to demonstrate what Portsystem can do for a demanding customer and how it actually work. A demo is required and of course testimonies from the customer.

The second film is to explain the service that Portsystem offers to its customers. They understand that a failure in logistics can be a huge damage to both reputation and delivery for the customer. Thats why they spend lots of effort, knowledge and attention to service of their ports.

The film will contain Aerial shots of the location, Time-lapse and interviews on location.