Photography in another dimention

Photography and Cinematography is very close to one another, yet so far from each other. So how can you merge the two techniques? Film as we know it consists of 24 frames per second but what happens if you play around with the concept? If you take more frames it becomes slow-motion and to take away frames creates time-lapse. There are some amazing videos out there playing around with time and the concept of motion capture with both stills photography and moving pictures.

The first clip is from a stunning time-lapse video made by Dustin Farrell with his 5D Mark II and a Stage Zero Dolly. The whole clip is very well composed with great choice of music. What I particularly like about the video is the composition in frame and how he created a great photograph and turned it into a great video clip. A great example of how photography is the key to cinematography.



There is a whole genre that constantly play with speed and frame rates, both for TV, film and lately IMAX. Budgets are getting bigger and concepts are growing way out of proportion. It’s the sport films. Especially the extreme sports like Snowboard, Surf, Skate and Mountain bike. A clip that just blew my mind is “The art of Flight” which obviously has an extreme budget since they are shooting all over the world and can go any place they like. But the result is just one of a kind.